Zucchini {courgette} banana chocolate chip muffins: An adventure in scepticism

So here are two facts about me:

1) Like most people, I’d like to find ways to be healthier.

2) I LOVE baking. And chocolate. And cake. And baked goods generally in all of their wonderful variety.

And luckily, I’m not the only one dealing with these two seemingly incompatible realities. There are plenty of people out there who have tried to create healthier versions of delicious treats, but with admittedly varied success. I’ve made so-called ‘clean’ baked things in the past which have left me feeling like I’d really just rather eat an apple, instead of a weird pretend cookie.

Living in the rural North of England presents another issue when most of the recipes are created by Americans. Those on the other side of the Atlantic seem to have access to a much wider range of healthy baking ingredients. Coconut flour? Doubtful. You might be able to get that kind of thing in the more hipster parts of Central London, but I live in a small town where we still think that fancy pasta shapes are pretty exotic. But despite the challenges, I very much WANT to believe the tales and the legends: I WANT to believe that I can find healthful yet delicious alternatives to the naughty versions which I love.


And I think *deep breath* I might have found one: these chocolate chip muffins are pretty lovely, and really rather good for you. I stumbled across Ambitious Kitchen after a Google search for healthy muffin recipes, and I love the site, as well as Monique’s attitude to healthy eating. She’s not the scary and intimidating clean eater who makes you feel terrible about those late night nutella-from-the-jar moments and who never eats the ‘S’ word (sugar, of course). But she has created recipes which are much healthier than their counterparts, without compromising on taste, and these muffins are DELICIOUS.


I baked a dozen. After being out of the oven for a couple of hours there were six remaining, and I only ate one. Even my vegetable- adverse brother demolished two: high praise indeed. This time, facing down my scepticism paid off. Maybe you should try it, too.

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