Musings & Wanderings

A weekend in the windy city {Dublin}

Happy New Year!

Be Thankful

Foodie Adventures {Warsaw}: a whistle stop tour

Warsaw: the Botanical Gardens

Daytrippers: Brighton

An accidental hiatus, 101 followers and a little bit of hope

‘If I should have a daughter…’

Foodie Adventures: Regency Cafe, Pimlico

Foodie Adventures: The Haberdashery, Crouch End

Five signs that you’re a twenty- something home for the holidays

Ballerinas too early for music: a Friday poem, instead

Home Time is Pudding Time

Carrot Cake on the Underground

Hello! (Again…)

Set to music

Baking is good for the soul

Blenheim, Burgers and General Bumbling

Escape to the Cotswolds


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