Foodie Adventures: Brockley Market

A couple of weeks ago, the boy and I headed to Brockley Market on one of our weekend adventures.  It was a bit of a trek from North West London to Lewisham, but it was worth it for this lovely market, which was an absolute food geek’s paradise! Stall upon stall was laden with fresh, gorgeous produce, from artisan sourdough to homemade cordial, and almost every one was manned by a friendly stall holder, passionate about their wares and eager to explain the painstaking processes of producing their food.  It was great to talk to so many people so clearly pursuing their passions, and so proud of what they had to sell.

One lady explained to us what makes sourdough different from normal bread, before advising us on the best loaf for sourdough beginners (n.b. it was delicious). Another guy explained how he made his beautiful cheeses, while M made himself at home getting endless advice about different craft beers. We also tried some very VERY hot BBQ sauces, touted by some very eager guys who took great glee in our reaction to their mildest offering!

There were loads of street food trucks to choose from for lunch — our resolutions to save money and eat at home having rapidly disintegrated. After much deliberation, we went for the Saltwood Fish Bar. Matt had the fish and chips, which he declared to be one of the best he’d ever had. I had the calamari and chips — squid coated in polenta and deliciously crisp — alongside some wonderfully garlicky aioli. We ate this on several large wooden benches set at one corner of the market, alongside people enjoying everything from burritos to huge burgers from the other stalls.

I’d thoroughly recommend taking a trip to Brockley if you find yourself in the area. It’s a lovely way for anybody who likes food (isn’t that everybody…?) to spend a Saturday morning.

For the where, when and how, the website is here.

And now, for many many photographs…





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Listening to There is an Answer by A Great Big World, Wonderful Unknown by Ingrid Michaelson and 22 by Taylor Swift.

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4 thoughts on “Foodie Adventures: Brockley Market

  1. afiftysomethingme says:

    I live in a town teaming with the big name supermarkets, where a new Aldi or Lidll seems to pop up every few weeks and where the small independent food shops are almost non existent. I live in a foodie wilderness and that makes me just a bit sad! I absolutely adore markets. I have been known to plan holidays around them. What better way than to spend a few hours wandering around stalls laden with artisan breads, cheeses, meats, condiments etc. Stopping off to try some street food, Talking to people passionate about what they produce. Going home with delicious goodies to eat or drink later. We are off to London next week for a long weekend break. I was thinking of going to Borough Market, but maybe we should try Brockley instead. From your fab photos and description it sounds amazing ! x

    • ohtogoawandering says:

      Yes I know what you mean, we have to venture out of our particular neck of the woods to find that kind of thing, but luckily that’s fairly easily done in London! I’ve not actually made it to Borough Market yet (have only been in London for a year – forgive me!). I’ve considered going several times but have been put off by the tales of it being incredibly crowded at the weekends. I’d definitely recommend Brockley – so friendly and not too crowded when I went, and that was on a sunny Saturday. There were free samples on pretty much every stall, so lots to try and plenty of opportunity to chat. Have a lovely break whatever you get up to! x

  2. Kimmy (Beauty Isles) says:

    This post instantly made me hungry, as I knew it would. 🙂 I’d probably make a b line for the the very hot BBQ sauces. I love spice – to a fault. I wish we had markets like this here. Sadly, the environment doesn’t lend itself to a huge variety of farming and agriculture doesn’t have the focus it should do.

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