Daytrippers: Brighton

Some photographs from a sunny day out in Brighton. It was our first visit to this lovely seaside gem, complete with window shopping, ice cream and lots of windy sunshine. We loved it!








Listening to Photographs by Joshua Radin, Snow (Hey Oh) by Red Hot Chilli Peppers, This Kiss by Faith Hill and This will be (An Everlasting Love) by Natalie Cole.

All content is ©Rebecca Daley and ohtogoawandering, 2015.


6 thoughts on “Daytrippers: Brighton

  1. tomrains says:

    Whoooa looks nice. Reminds me I need to take a day of soon. Cool blog!! Just need my metric converter since I’m American and we do everything the wrong way LOL

    • ohtogoawandering says:

      Hello Tom 🙂 nice to meet you – glad you’re enjoying the blog! You should definitely take a day off and go exploring sometime soon – it’s the best remedy for most things I find. Oh, and apologies for the distinctly British measurements – I just can’t quite get my head around the whole ‘cup’ thing… 😉

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