Winter in Oxford

Britain is a place where we have had to resign ourselves to doing most things in the rain, but it’s often difficult to find the motivation to spend unnecessary time outside when the heavens open. When it comes to a toss up between a pair of wellies and a cup of tea, I think most of us are prone to choosing the latter.

These photographs are from a wintery, wet and windy few days during Michaelmas term in Oxford. During an incredibly stressful term I found taking a wander and looking for ways to capture the little things here and there incredibly relaxing. As cliched as it may sound, there really is nothing like taking the time to look for the amazing and the unexpected in the seemingly grey and uninspiring world around you to give you a sense of the bigger picture. I’m all for roaring log fires and hot soup as the wind blows a gail outside, but try not to let the wintry months limit you entirely to the living room. You might be surprised at the beauty you find.

All content is © Rebecca Daley and ohtogoawandering, 2013.


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